Paterno and Penn St. Part II

by TideGP (follow me on Twitter @TideGP)


What a difference a day makes.

Just yesterday, I penned an opinion on the scandal at Penn State hoping that a reknown coaches reputation wouldn’t suffer because of the poor decision making of those around him.  I based this on the reputation of the man which has been fairly consistent throughout my college football experience, from athlete to student to fan.  Since then, the floodgates of information have opened, providing insight on an institution that obviously lost its way, and managed to conceal it well. 

Makes me feel like I drank the kool aid.

I WANTED to believe in the goodness, the wholesomeness of college football.  I WANTED to believe it was still possible for a man to have a successful lifelong collegiate coaching career and not be tainted.  I don’t know if I can believe that anymore.

While I still don’t believe Joe Paterno deserves the lion’s share of blame for the PSU scandal, I no longer think his knowledge of events could have been as isolated as I’d hoped.  Maybe Paterno didn’t allow himself to think  he was actively covering up a heinous act, but I can’t believe he didn’t realize he was covering up something.  Doesn’t really matter what he thought, because the events of the past 24 hours prove “you can’t get a little dirty”.

Penn State, their administration, trustees, faculty, board, EVERYONE failed on every level imaginable.  It’s obvious too much has been happening for too long, ALLOWED to go on too long for the sake of what?  The reputation of the institution.

Did other scandals occur behind the almighty Penn State facade?  Probably. But it was Jerry Sandusky that infected the system and killed any trace of nobility from the institution. 

I said yesterday that the leaders of PSU should focus on ways to heal.  I don’t think that’s a possibility any longer.  You can’t heal from something like this. Reports are emerging from areas outside the athletics dept. that knowledge of Sandusky’s perversions date back to the ’90s.  That’s a LONG time. That means a LOT of people knew.  And they all share the blame.

I’m not going to sit on a soap box, so I’ll finish with this:

Shame on you Penn State. 
Shame on you for not putting those boys needs and welfare first.
Shame on all of you that made us believe in you when you knew we shouldn’t.


~ by Gut Check Admin on November 10, 2011.

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